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Decentralized. Rich media social network

SocialX is an opportunity to express yourself without limitations to interact with your friends, family, and others who share similar interests

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Softcap  495 ETH
Hardcap 6750 ETH

The SocialX ICO opens TBD – make sure you will contribute at the right bonus tier as you know, the earlier the better.

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whitepaper 03 04 september

The SocialX Whitepaper

We are thrilled to share with you the new SocialX Whitepaper. This new Whitepaper introduces the technology stack, problems and feasibility of a decentralized social network

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express yourself without limitations


SocialX is an opportunity to express yourself without limitations to interact with your friends, family, and others who share similar interests. For those who have not familiar with the technology: blockchain will allow individuals to utilize a decentralized network to store images, videos, and data on a trustless service in which nobody can view, thus maintaining the privacy you need; it will also allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies and other FIAT currencies.
We also believe great developers are key as our platform can grow exponentially, together with developers, improving the value for our users on a daily basis. Soon we will publish how developers can interact with the community inside our platform.

SocialX is a great opportunity to be an early adopter, to learn alongside as it grows; there’s even a great opportunity to build a business within the network through licensing and data distribution.

The user was at the forefront of our mind throughout the SocialX creation process. What can they benefit from the most?

Our conclusion: freedom and self-governance.

Experience quality and reward

SocialX is built with a great and easy to use User Interface. We focus on a rich media experience with our application – so you can focus on creating great content for the community.

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“Social media is reducing social barriers. It connects people on the strength of human values, not identities.” – Narendra Modi | Indian Prime Minister

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SOCIALX Tokens Distribution

social x token distribution

Use of funds of ICO

Use of funds with raised capital ICO

Please note that this is approximate planning. All expenses will go towards one goal, the success of the SocialX project.

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