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What is SocialX?

SocialX is a decentralized social media platform allowing users to distribute content seamlessly. Just imagine: photo and videos app that will store your files decentrally and securely in a single platform; built-in license management will allow you to decide if you want to keep your photos private or if you want to sell photo rights to others in exchange for SOCX tokens. SocialX is a community-driven project developed with the user’s best interest at heart.

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Just imagine if your friend wears a nice t-shirt and our platform would be able to track down this product and make a seamless checkout possible, without ever leaving the SocialX app!


Your privacy can be protected. We will adopt Zero Knowledge Proof technology to achieve bi-directional encryption and many other areas demanding transactional privacy.


Easily spend SOCX and other ERC20 tokens with your prepaid Credit Card


Why not bring your identity offline, where you are the only one who can edit it? These days you can even store your cryptocurrency on a USB stick, so why not your identity?


The difference between us and other reward systems is that our community can decide: they can suggest changes and can also vote for proposed changes; this way, we can provide the community with scenarios on how the changes could influence the reward system in a good and bad way.


is a method by which one party (the prover) can prove to another party (the verifier) that a given statement is true, without conveying any information apart from the fact that the statement is indeed true.

Start whitelisting yourself!

Prior to our ICO which will launch on the 15th of January 2018 we want to make sure that our ICO is compliant as possible and there for we will ask you to undergo a KNOW YOUR CLIENT process, which we call whitelist. ICO is closed.

We launched SocialX to solve many issues with mainstream, centralized social media: SocialX has 10 points traditional social networks lack.

  • No success for fake accounts and fake likes/followers. The community decides what content is valuable
  • Can reach and produce a lot of high-quality content quickly
  • The value of the platform is passed on to the users
  • Achieves reliability of data with blockchain technology with lower costs than ever before
  • Decentralized photos & videos—you own your own content
  • Give every photo or video a monetized value
  • Manage licenses & rights of photos or videos
  • Reward the community with SocialX tokens
  • Build a great community around what we love the most, photos and videos
  • Rewarding the community means fair rewards for valuable content

All your groups, photos & videos on a fast, secure and decentralized platform

SocialX is the first decentralized photo and video app that will securely store your LIFE MOMENTS in a single app. With SocialX there will be no need to post your photos & videos on centralized platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Our platform uses the latest blockchain technology to ensure short loading times.

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Less censorship, more creativity

Popular social media networks fail to uphold the ideal of freedom of expression. We think that the centralized architecture of popular social networks puts them in a situation where complying with censorship laws and regulations is a necessity if they are to stay in business. That is why SocialX is different.


Connect with your friends via a encrypted messenger and exchange currencies

SocialX is more than a messenger. You can send payments and smart contracts to friends from within chats while enjoying the default encrypted messaging service, using a peer-to-peer protocol that doesn’t rely on centralized servers. SocialX will provide the safest and most reliable chat application available.

buy real life goods with SOCX
earn money with socialX

Earn money with your photos through an AWESOME Community

You share great content and the community rewards you for that. We believe great content should be appreciated even with a small number of followers. Our Upvoting System recognises the value of your photos and videos, and rewards you with cryptocurrency.

take photos and earn money with socialx

Earn money from your photos by licensing them to other people

Our built-in License Management will allow you to DECIDE if you want to keep your photos private or if you want to sell your photos to the others in exchange for tokens – for example, someone could buy your photo to use it on their website.

Advanced Referral System to grow our Community

A constantly growing user base is the key to a successful social network. We think our USP will attract photo & video-lovers easily, but we will include a paid referral system to incentivise your friends & family to join SocialX.

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A Community Driven Project

SocialX is built together with its users. Together, we’re shaping the future of SocialX, and creating a new type of social network governed by its own users.

Philip Hendry
Co founder & CFO
theodor diaconu
Theodor Diaconu
Co founder & CTO
christian josephs
Christian Josephs
Co founder & CMO
Marcel Füssinger
Co founder & CEO
cihan (1)
Cihan Topal
Community Manager
Oliver Nedved
Head of Design
Dennis Henke
Management Assistant
Robin Salot
Software Developer
Roman Vinogradov
Exchange Developer
Ciprian Tanana
Robert Corolea
Maxim Bureac
Senior Developer
Claudiu Roman
Lead Developer
Catalin Mirza
Andrei Siminic
Andrei Ciocan
Bogdan Fiedur
Architecture Lead Blockchain

Meet the advisory board

Whether you’re building a big or small company, you should make sure to have top performers on your team.
We think we did well with this challenge.

raymond ong
Raymond Ong
Brand Ambassador and Strategic Advisor
martin zinn
Martin Zinn
Financial advisor
Konstantin Raldugin
Security Advisor
Serkan Durusoy
Security Audit

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