We are not just saying we are decentralised.

We are!*

SocialX is built on the foundation of decentralisation. All media (photos and videos) and data (messages, posts etc) are decentralised. This means that you have more control over who gets access to your information, unlike centralised platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Besides decentralising your media and data, we are also aiming to decentralise all codes and functions.

*Decentralisation is set to be achieved by the end of Q4 2018

But what do you actually decentralise?

The decentralisation of SocialX consists of three parts:

  1. Media decentralisation (photos, videos)
  2. Data decentralisation (users, posts, messages)
  3. Resource decentralisation (codes, functions)


How do we decentralise the SocialX ecosystem?

ecosystem of socialx

It’s great to say that we want to decentralise, but how are we going to achieve that? In short, IPFS will ensure the decentralisation photo, video and other media. This has already been fully implemented in the ecosystem. User data is decentralised mostly through GunJS and our own peer system, which includes a blockchain node and a combined database peers, while transactions and wallet information is decentralised through the blockchain implementation.

Why do we need our own Blockchain?

We’ve chosen to create our own blockchain to tackle various challenges associated with blockchain-based projects. Two common challenges are speed and transaction costs for millions of transactions. Our blockchain solution will ensure a fast and user-friendly social media experience. In addition, our blockchain will fulfill the special requirements of social media platforms and over time it will also allow us to control and bring down transaction costs.

distributed database peers

Our road to complete decentralisation*

Database Peers
Save and distribute data e.g. user data, post data and comments

Blockchain Nodes
Save and operate transactional operations including wallet, coin transactions. They also operate smart contracts.

Save and distribute media e.g. photos and videos

3 layers of decentralisation

Example transaction MediaLicense

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