SocialX aspires to become a new global leader in social media with its unique cryptocurrency reward mechanism and ecosystem.


SocialX is a community-driven social media platform allowing users to publish photo and video content. It has many similarities to established social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but there is one major difference: SocialX is a decentralised blockchain platform where everyone can earn cryptocurrency SOCX token rewards. The unique SocialX ecosystem brings the social media experience to a new paradigm where people get rewarded for posting content.

about us at socialx

Incorporated in Singapore

$2.2 M+
raised in ETH

What drives us?

Whether you’re a regular social media user, influencer or a big content creator, you are at the core of SocialX.


SocialX is made to enhance the user experience of social media and to get rightfully rewarded for contributing by posting photos and video in return for cryptocurrency.


Sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities of SocialX. The platform offers a space where creativity and originality is recognized, appreciated and rewarded.


In a world that is constantly changing, SocialX works together with a great team of developers to deliver you an innovative platform with a unique philosophy.

Meet the makers

we believe social interaction should be fair rewarded.

Marcel Füssinger
Co founder & CEO
Christian Josephs
Co founder & CMO
Philip Hendry
Co founder & CFO
Ionut Movila
React Native Developer
Alex Sirbu
React Native Frontend Developer
Bogdan Fiedur
Architecture Lead Blockchain
Serkan Durusoy
Senior Technical Advisory
Raymond Ong
Brand Ambassador and Strategic Advisor
Martin Zinn
Financial advisor
Konstantin Raldugin
Security and ServerOPS

We’re always looking for talent

Got what it takes to work with us? Great! Send us a link to your resumé or portfolio to become part of our talent pool.