Development Roadmap

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Alpha Release  

  September 2017

After weeks of testing, we want to go live with an Alpha Version of our DApp which will include:
Ability to register and have a public/private key generated
Ability to add friends with approval
Ability to have some public data and private data, shared only with your friends
Create a Group
Request to join a Group
Joining a Public Group
The groups you are on should not be disclosed
Encrypted Messaging
Ability to talk to my friends live!
Uploading with IPFS Photos & Videos
Create Events
Mark relation to an event “Not interested”/”Interested”/”Going”

Beta Release

  Q4 2017

Send SOCX from MyEtherWallet to my SocialX account
Invite friends / Affiliate
Invite your FB, Instagram Friends
Filter by places
Filter by top upvoted posts
Filter by people
Filter by tags
Peer to Peer Payments
Purchase license of images from Users
See my profile in thumbnail view
See my profile in a timeline
See photos where i am tagged

Version 1.0


We have removed all the bugs, executed new features, and integrated feedback from our community. We plan several security stress tests to ensure that the platform is secure and that its key components are decentralized.
Live stream
Community moderation
Change profile image
Following stream
You stream
Popular stories (algorythm based on all upvotes)
Follow people
Like posts and comments
Edit profile
Payout in digital currencies
Payout in fiat currency through trusted exchange
Reward System
Quantum Resistance

Roadmap Update

  Q3 2018

After 6 months of development we will review our Roadmap in Q1 2018 to keep up with the latest trends in Social Networks and Blockchain technology. Q3 2018 will have the first releases after our initial Roadmap from 2017. 

Pre-ICO Marketing

  Q3 2017

SocialX Pre-ICO Marketing. We will promote the SocialX Project in different Online Magazines, Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media Platforms. In this phase we try to build the core of our Community in our Slack Channel. It is very important for us to build a solid community of early adopters.

Exchange Marketing

  Early Q4 2017

Exchanges are important for maintaining a token’s value.  We want SocialX to be listed on Major Exchanges as soon as possible.  We are already preparing several Exchange Listings before the ICO.

Kick-off Affiliate System to grow Userbase  

  Q1 2018

After weeks of testing we want to go live with a Beta Version of our DApp which will include a photo & video community with photo streams, an upvoting system, commenting, and private messaging. 

Start Facebook Marketing

  Q2 2018

Let’s call it “Facebook Attack.”  We want to grow our Userbase significantly by using the best Marketing channels.  One Marketing channel will be Facebook where we can target new users via interests and countries of focus.

Big Media Push for Live Version

  Q3 2018

For our SocialX Version 1.0 we will make a big media push in all Crypto & Startup Media websites.  

Continue with Marketing Activities that work

  Q3 2018

After 12 months of Marketing we will have a good amount of data to see what Marketing Channels & Campaigns worked the best. We will analyze the performance of our marketing strategies and continue with the most effective ones for growing our user base.

Idea of socialX was born

 December 2016

Having monitored the blockchain movement and its technology since 2014, we thought it time for this idea to be executed with the right team and a well suited advisory board.

Feasibility study & legal preparation

 Q1-Q2 2017

We wanted to make sure that the technology was right, as well as the timing, to deliver a product that can succeed. Along with deciding where the company SocialX will be incorporated, we evaluated which country has the most Fintech friendly ecosystem.

Presale closed

  August 2017

Our presale was successfully closed. Ready for ICO preperation.
Check out our Whitepaper and prototype

Hire more Talent

  Q3 2017

We believe that the key to a successful project is a great team. We already have an outstanding team but with a successful Pre Sale and ICO we believe that we can extend our team further with top performers in blockchain, ethereum, smart contracts, User Interface, and User Experience.

Engage with the community

 Late Q3 2017

Connect with the community to further enhance the features and product of SocialX. Early adopters are interviewed and a strong connection on social media is formed with the community with frequent updates. Selected community members will also have the possibility to test our Alpha & early Beta versions to give us valuable feedback.

Connect with potential Partners

  Q4 2017

Establish partnerships with other start-ups within the digital currency ecosystem. This is crucial to growing acceptance within the Blockchain industry. 

Conferences & Networking


When we have our first versions out there for the public, we will attend several meetups, conferences and networking events around the globe.  We want to spread the word, find new brand ambassadors and create key partnerships with leaders in our industries.