SocialX wants to be leading and transparent

Our roadmap

Improve Social Media & Launch Beta Dapp

After finishing the Alpha version of SocialX—we will drastically improve social media aspects and launch our mobile beta version.

Progress 100%
Wallet Integration

Integrate a wallet solution into our Dapp. 

Progress 90%
Internal Testing
Encrypted Messaging

Adding an encrypted P2P messaging feature to our ecosystem.

Progress 95%

We will open next week our closed Beta Signup for ICO contributors. Signup here

Progress 100%
Open for Applications
Code Review & Security Checks

A clean and secure code is our priority no.1.  We want to create SocialX as a scaleable and secure ecosystem to become the leading decentralised social media in the world.

Progress 100%

We are releasing the closed beta to our first 200 signups. The Beta release date is on the 25.05.2018

Progress 100%
Voice & Video Calls

After integrating our encrypted p2p messaging we are planning to introduce in addition p2p voice and video calls.

Progress 40%
Research & Development
Media License Management

We are working on a Media License Management system to make it possible to buy licenses for photos and videos via  the SocialX ecosystem.

Progress 15%
Blockchain Solution

We are looking for the best possible Blockchain solution for our Social Media.

Progress 100%
Reward System (Pool, Superlikes, Voting)

Our main goal is to add a Reward system to the SocialX ecosystem, which is fair and balanced.

Progress 30%
Research & Development

Next update


Media Decentralization

As a third generation social network we will have all photos, videos and other media stored decentralised.

Progress 100%
Data Decentralization (Users, Posts, Messages)

SocialX will decentralise all data from its users in 2018.

Progress 100%
Implemented & Live Nodes
Resources Decentralization (Code & Functions)

Lastly to achieve full decentralization we are aiming to decentralise all code and functions of the social network with the newest technologies out there.

Progress 100%
Fully open-source