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SocialX is a community-driven social media platform allowing users to publish photo and video content. It has many similarities to established social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but there is one major difference: SocialX is a decentralised blockchain platform where everyone can earn cryptocurrency SOCX token rewards.

We believe in decentralized networks. SocialX will push forward the vision of a decentralized future by accomplishing three tasks:
(1) giving ownership of content back to social media users;
(2) integrating freedom of speech as a core principle in our platform;
(3) building a reward system where contributors are rewarded for content.

Click here for more info on decentralization.

Steemit is a social network where its users post and share original content, usually in the form of text. The main feature of the platform is it’s built using a cryptocurrency upvote system: whenever a user upvotes another post, the user automatically sends a tiny amount of STEEM tokens to its author. Sadly, the backbone of the platform is somewhat complicated and can be hard for first time users to understand. SocialX isn’t a competitor to STEEM in any way; however, we definitely think a cryptocurrency based upvote system is an interesting concept.


  1. No success for fake accounts and fake likes/followers. The community decides what content is valuable
  2. Can reach and produce a lot of high-quality content quickly
  3. The value of the platform is passed on to the users
  4. Achieves reliability of data with blockchain technology with lower costs than ever before
  5. Decentralized photos & videos—you own your own content
  6. Give every photo or video a monetized value
  7. Manage licenses & rights of photos or videos
  8. Reward the community with SocialX tokens
  9. Build a great community around what we love the most, photos and videos
  10. Rewarding the community means fair rewards for valuable content

The launch date has not yet been announced. You can track the project progress in our interactive roadmap and by reading our Medium blog post updates.

One of the ways you can earn SOCX is by posting quality content. Once your content (photos and videos) gets acknowledged by the community, you will receive crypto rewards (SOCX tokens). This unique element is powered by the Superlike feature. See here.

Click here to see where SOCX can be traded.

There are no airdrops.

We will be announcing new bounty programs in the near future.

The ICO started on 15th January 2018 and ended on 24th January 2018.

We raised the equivalent of $2.2 M+ in Ethereum.

Besides taking a look at the website, you can read our projects updates in Medium.

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