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Always wanted to earn your income as a social media influencer? SocialX offers a reward-based social media platform for content creators and influencers. This is your chance to be part of a unique movement which aims to bring social media to the next level.

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Focus on your content and let us bring you your well deserved revenue.

Social media movement

The shift of Social Media is powered by the blockchain movement which comes down to this: Give the power back to you, the user, respect your right of privacy and stimulate financial benefits for publishing content. Once your content (photos and videos) gets acknowledged by the community, you will receive crypto rewards (SOCX tokens). This unique element is powered by the Superlike feature (see video).

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Get Creative

As an influencer you can let your creativity flow and share your photo and video content with your followers.

Get rewarded

Earn an additional stream of revenue through the unique reward mechanism which is driven by the community.

Get to know us

SocialX is a decentralised blockchain platform where everyone can earn cryptocurrency SOCX token rewards.

A glimpse of the features


You own your content

You made it, so you own it.


Privacy protection

You decide which content is visible and which is not.


License Management

Allow people to purchase your best photos.


Crypto rewards

SOCX tokens are released to your account when people Superlike your content.



Less censorship, more creativity. The way social media is supposed to be.



SocialX is built as a decentralised blockchain solution to avoid manipulation and fraud.



Yes, we also have e-commerce options for those offering products.


Encrypted messaging

Stay in touch with your followers through our protected messaging services.

low transparent fees
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Or are you a Marketeer?

Why do we believe that Social Media as it is right now might not be sustainable? Why do we know that selling Ads to make revenue just won’t cut to the chase? Once you put everything in perspective you’ll understand that you will never know how you will be manipulated in the future. The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal proves that.

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