Using SOCX within our
ecosystem as utility token

We designed the token specially to be one of the most useable utility tokens inside a decentralised social network. It will allow you to interact with your friends, but it can also be used to pay for advertising and for receiving rewards from the content you’ve created, or royalty fees when someone uses your content commercially.

Why is the designed token unique?

SOCX is a unique token that can be used in various ways. Through embracing blockchain technology and decentralisation, it is possible to interact with your friends on SocialX using the SOCX currency. You will also be able to make purchases in your everyday life.

socx utilitys
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SocialX changes the way
we interact with each other

The world is constantly changing. The internet practically eliminated the need for post offices. Now we are in a new era where the way we interact with each other is undergoing constant shifts. Blockchain technology and internet spending is rapidly growing and can potentially reduce the need of having traditional bank accounts. Many people already have e-money wallets linked to their prepaid creditcards.

The SocialX wallet will form an important part in creating comfort for our users. Transacting SOCX among friends, business partners and companies will be easy and safe – the way it should be!

Interested to know more?

if you have any other inquiry please let us know, we are more then keen to get to know you.