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we need you to help us achieve our telegram goal of 1500 users – join our telegram here and please make sure to post the right message to other channels in case you want to support the project.

you can just copy paste them from below.

???SocialX ICO ???
?Social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards
? Starting on the 15. January
? Hardcap ≈ €2.5 million

and if you want to post it here is a list of relevant telegram channels.

ICO Groups/Channels

Latest ICOs
@Quanstamp (Quanstamp)
@telcoincommunity (Telcoin)
@telcoincommunityCN (Telcoin Chinese Group)
@CyberMiles (CyberMiles)
@Bloom (Bloom)

Are you already whitelisted?

​Make sure to whitelist yourself prior to the SocialX ICO. In case you dont know how to do it please watch this video where we quickly explain how the whitelist process works and why it is good for.