Hey guys, just a quick update from Marcel, SocialX. The ICO is going to launch soon, on the 15th of January. And we just wanted to have a quick update for you guys. We’ve been super busy the last few weeks and months to prepare this ICO, to make it bulletproof security-wise, and also compliance-wise. So, that’s why the KYC process took a little bit longer than expected, but I think that was the right decision to delay the ICO, as many of you know. We decided after the presale that we have to do bigger preparations prior to a successful ICO, and that’s why we decided to delay the ICO, as some of you know. Only a few were a little bit disappointed of that situation, but in the end I had the complete team behind my back after that decision and that’s why I was very comfortable to go out with this kind of announcement. And I think we did a good job if we take a look at the time we invested and also the resources we had.

So, just a quick update on the KYC process. I think we’re already over 450 whitelists people and we have people all over the world, so a big thank you out to all those early contributors who are putting their trust into SocialX. And the team is pumped. I am pumped. So, we’re really looking forward to make a very, very successfully ICO here.

We’re investing heavily in marketing so that people get aware of SocialX and then understand what we actually want to fight. We recently also published a very nice blog article on our website, in case you want to check it out. The title goes along with “What if major social networks would distribute their profits to the community?” We were just thinking about, “Okay, what could be done with this kind of profit?” and “What would change or what would need to be changed [so] that the user is actually in charge of the data?” And what happens with the data, instead of a big corporation, for instance.

Alright, so let’s continue with the IT feedback. Theo actually came now out of the well-deserved X-mas holiday and we are also pushing for the updates on the Alpha now, prior to the ICO. Feature requests are highly appreciated, so we are using the Jira system for that, so if you want to apply any feature request, the link is down below in the description and yeah, that’s it from the IT side. If you have any questions, join Telegram or Slack because Theo’s there, you can ask him questions directly.

Yeah, I totally forgot about the whitelisting process. A big thank you to Philip who’s actually managing this process right now and then he’s also very, very pumped. Maybe he will also get to the community with some short video clip prior to the ICO, as maybe also Theo—at least I gave them the to-dos to make a quick, emotional update on their side so that you also are aware that those are real people and we just use the comic-style that we have one kind of style, corporate identity. But anyway, we’re real people. You can get in touch with us and that’s how we work.

And now, just as we are just a few days for the ICO itself, we were publishing also as well a few token purchase guidelines or how to acquire Ethereum. We also have ZenCash, so if people outside there owning some ZenCash but not any other digital currencies, they are more than glad to be invited to contribute to the ICO as well. So, that integration is working seamlessly as well. And if you have any problems with ERC-20 compatible wallets, get in touch with us. We are kind of available over Telegram and Slack most of the time, even though we have different time zones covered as well and that shouldn’t be a big issue. We are also launching not written-only, but also video tutorials about that. So, that’s also what we are currently preparing and finalizing.

On the ICO topic, of course—marketing is increasingly bigger and bigger every day. So, a big thanks to Christian because he’s the man behind that. And he’s also really pumped that the community is accepting us like they do. And it’s just really welcoming that everyone on Slack and Telegram is super friendly, help us answer some questions, onboarding new people and a big thank you to the complete community right now, even though we are just 500 people, or 520 and counting on Telegram. But the road to 1,500 Telegram users prior to the ICO is achievable.

So, yeah… I mean, we are prepared for the ICO. Everything’s in place. The team is super prepared and pumped to—and looking forward to the 15th of January where the SocialX ICO will start.

Recently also one of the community gave us a quick hint of Mark Zuckerberg’s goals in 2018, that Facebook is also evaluating or doing feasibility studies or some R&D how a digital currency would work or could work within Facebook. So, that was the perfect timing for this SocialX ICO, that even one of the biggest social networks are not further able to ignore blockchain technology, and all it’s benefits of decentralization, etcetera.

So, more to that in the future blog posts. I have everything prepared already, but I’m not yet comfortable publishing it because I’m still waiting for some data to come in. But it’s going to be really, really interesting 2018. And everyone who’s on the journey already or in the future going to be on the journey, highly welcome. If you have any feedback or questions, get in touch with us. We are really close to the community and also in like, short ways. So, just get in touch with us.

So, yeah we got KYC covered. We got IT covered. And now maybe also interesting for you, smart contracts. Also a big thank you to Roman and Bogdan who were in charge there. You can read also a small security Audit from Roman on our blog posts. Yeah. We did all our due diligence and also testing on the testnet to make sure that the ICO contract is properly working. Also with integration with ZenCash so, that was also keeping us a little bit busy the latest—the last few months, but now all is set. We’re going to soon deploy the contract on the MainNet of course and also we’re going to apply for a name on EtherScan so that people can directly see they are contributing to the right smart contract. We’re going to publish the smart contract itself over Telegram and YouTube, maybe also the website. Also of course, security level on the website—highest, prior to the ICO as some people are already trying to send some spam emails.

So, yeah. That is all in place. Just make sure and understand that if you’re not whitelisted, your contribution will be rejected, so the gas will be lost in this place. So, don’t try it. Make sure you whitelist yourself, even though when you get to know SocialX during the ICO, and it’s still we’re not hitting the hard cap, you can still apply for the whitelist. We will make sure that everyone on the team is trying to whitelist people during the ICO so that we have a short time period so that you’re not missing out. And that’s the biggest message on the smart contract level. Security’s done. Testing is done. Whitelisting is done. And, once again, don’t contribute if you’re not whitelisted because those transactions will be rejected automatically from the smart contract. If you have any questions, Bogdan and Roman are also in Slack and Telegram.

Alright guys. I think I have everything covered, which I wanted to tell you after the new year. I wish you of course a very successful 2018, also on the private level. And let’s make that a success and we’re really curious where SocialX will be within the next 2 or 3 years. And thank you all for your support. If you have any questions, as I mentioned before, just get in touch over Telegram and Slack. Yeah, links are below as well. And we’re really looking forward to the 15th of January—hopefully you too!

Thank you, bye.

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