What we have been working on the last weeks on the alpha

a big thank you to all contributors who helped identify the bugs, which our internal Q&A didnt see. Feel free to further create bug requests

Key Summary Issue Type Priority Status Story Points ()
SOCX-43 Test task Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-44 2nd video also did not work Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-45 Photos – Photo gallery continue does not work Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-46 On Register, make the SocialX logo go back to /login Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-48 Fix font issues from slick Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-49 friends sometimes shown sometimes not Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-50 group creation wrong overlay hiding Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-51 i am at cihans profile but some how there is a huge mixup Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-52 i can add myself as friend? Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-53 i guess that might be not right position right? Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-54 i see all images Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-55 Photo tabs are not clickable Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-59 When posting inside a group, the image remains in the dropzone area Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-61 video upload is not working Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-74 * Went to my profile and see photos of others? See left Site (Screenshot attached) Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-75 * Open Profile doesn’t work the button https://www.dropbox.com/s/os3aixdi9tofaz5/Screenshot%202017-11-22%2011.59.14.png?dl=0 Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-98 * i dont see the posts of my friends inside my feed Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-102 * Pictures and videos not loading on any browser. Bug Highest DONE
SOCX-105 * i cannot open my photos and see their miniature Bug Highest DONE
SOCX-108 * force SSL Task Highest DONE
SOCX-109 * Error uploading photos to the feed Bug Highest DONE



SOCX-47 Add Edit Group Functionality Task Medium DONE
SOCX-56 Allow viewing images in the post, by clicking on it it should open a big modal Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-58 Add Profile Image. Make sure it changes dynamically on “My Profile” avatar editing Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-60 Center uploaded photo properly or enforce a square for avatar Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-73 Can we make the Check (which is coming after successful upload) green? Better to see 🙂 https://www.dropbox.com/s/h5psbzr335gnayh/Screenshot%202017-11-22%2011.56.01.png?dl=0 Story Medium DONE
SOCX-103 Newsfeed textbox does not transfer to the next line when right textbox border is reached + pressing enter doesn’t transfer to a new line Bug Low DONE
SOCX-106 Can’t view a friend’s profile and publish it Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-116 Bug no avatar in the Post see attached Screenshot Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-121 Zero Knowledge mechanism Story Medium DONE
SOCX-125 * IPFS Upload Images > 3 MB Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-161 * You can’t scroll on your friends list Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-163 * Incorrectly displayed wide images in the preview. Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-166 * Too long posts. limit posts to xx of xxx Bug Medium DONE

and on the KYC App

Key Summary Issue Type Priority Status Story Points ()
SOCX-32 enable 2FA for Admin Login https://www.npmjs.com/browse/keyword/two-factor Story Medium DONE
SOCX-35 * Add Selfie Picture , with KYC Name on Paper. New Upload Field. Can we enable camera on mobile? Story Medium DONE
SOCX-37 * Proof of Residence Bug Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-38 * getting stuck while submitting data Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-39 * change birthday input field Task Medium DONE
SOCX-40 * “Copy of Identification” & “Proof of Residence” should be marked as required with a red star Task Medium DONE
SOCX-41 * Email falsch? Koordiniere und teste mit Jake : if you have any questions or want to get in contact with us send us an email here Support, or directly contact us on this email: support@nolimit.digital Story Medium DONE
SOCX-42 * Please check if we have everything inside Story Medium DONE
SOCX-72 * Fix Whitelisting Web3JS Story Medium DONE
SOCX-114 * enforce SSL inside kyc.socialx.network Task Medium DONE
SOCX-115 * i as a user want to go back to scan the 2FA code Task Medium DONE


Key Summary Issue Type Priority Status Story Points ()
SOCX-123 Check Email Bug with us Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-171 Create a new Bitbucket for Clients. Delete Zencash , make setting file for logo and Name and Contract Address + DOCS to deploy heroku Story Medium DONE
SOCX-178 * no success message when editing data Task Medium DONE
SOCX-179 * change edit profile email text Task Medium DONE
SOCX-180 * u cant edit data, it always take old entry Bug Medium DONE
Key Summary Issue Type Priority Status Story Points ()
SOCX-30 fix umlaut bugs and table width Bug Medium DONE
SOCX-113 https://www.npmjs.com/package/passport-telegram Story Medium DONE
SOCX-124 * Redirect to Thank you Page when successful Bug Medium DONE