Why Singapore, Switzerland and Liechtenstein?

We believe that Singapore and Switzerland are on the right path in inviting entrepreneurs to explore possibilities on and with the blockchain technology. They even have signed a MOU to work closer together to embrace the technology further. Singapore is also utilizing the blockchain technology to create a token for inter-payments within Singapore.

Or consider Zug (Switzerland), where they plan to have a digital identity on the blockchain.

We touched on this topic briefly in our weekly update, but with being one of the oldest finance places in the world, not to mention their triple-A rating connections to the European Union, Liechtenstein has executed excellently over the last two years in establishing legislation. They’ve made compliance easier to understand for entrepreneurs, along with some fantastic lobbyists which have moved things forward. There are some faster ways to get things done in Liechtenstein, which is another huge benefit from FMA to politics and lawyers: everything you need is available in that small country.

Other Facts About Liechtenstein:

  • Triple-A Country Rating
  • The Best Capitalization in Europe
  • A Low Country Risk
  • Market Access to Switzerland and the EEA

Other Countries Worth Watching
Dubai and Estonia.

Are you already a e-resident in Estonia? Believe it or not, they could launch an ICO. What do
you think about that?

Dubai plans to be fintech hub and
is embracing blockchain technology

Switzerland Meetings


Argon Networks

People from Finance20

People from ICO Summit

Others who will sign up during the time being in Switzerland.


Liechtenstein Meetings (14.09.17-13.10.17)

Bank Frick


Reinhard Berger (CEO Pecun.io)

Others who will sign up during the time being in Liechtenstein.

Singapore Meetings
(05.09.17-13.09.17 and from 14.10.17 again)

Philip our CFO, outlined compliance and executed to DOS

Opening a bank account at DBS (in case FIAT conversion is needed at some time)

Intro SocialX to Raymond (former AXA CFO)

Strategic talks with business angels, evangelists

Meeting other advisors down the road

Others who will sign up during the time being in Singapore.


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