Complete purchase guide via YouTube

1. Preparation

If you want to be perfectly prepared for the SOCX token sale, you need to make sure and prepare following documents and tasks.

  • Scan of passport, ID card or driver`s license (country-dependent)
  • Ethereum (strongly recommended)
  • ERC-20 wallet to receive SOCX tokens, e.g. MetaMask or MyEtherWallet
  • A selfie of you holding your ID document (to make sure, it’s you)

via http://kyc.socialx.network/

2. Registration

In order to register with SocialX, we only need a little bit of information from your side. This includes:

  • Full Name
  • Wallet Adress
  • E-Mail Adress
  • Residential Adress

via http://kyc.socialx.network/

3. Payment Setup

We offer SOCX tokens via our website socialx.network ONLY. There is only one way to complete your purchase – pay with Ether (ETH):

4. Whitelist verification

For the verification of your account, we need to verify your identity by means of a suitable document (ID card, passport, driver`s license).  via http://kyc.socialx.network/

5. Transaction

Important use250,000 GAS LIMIT – standard GWEI depending from which Wallet you are sending it. After your payment is verified, we will send you the purchased SOCX tokens normally within a few hours depending on how many blocks are mined during the ICO on the Ethereum network.

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