We are proud to announce our first Crypto Partnership with Zencash. You will be able to participate in the SocialX ICO with ZEN Tokens. Specific information will be released at a later stage.

Interview with Arno Pfefferling, German Market Lead @ZEN:

…cooperation between ZENCASH and Social X

Working together in the crypto market is an important learning opportunity. It offers multi stage learning and gives a unique view  of details and  unknown problems. So, I am happy that we found another partner where we can join forces  and work on great opportunities together. To share a little background, I will answer the following questions:

…how and where did ZEN and SocialX meet?

I (Arno Pfefferling) found Christian Josephs through a Facebook post. This post was in a German Facebook group about blockchain technology; after we shared some messages about different current crypto market situations, he told me about the Social X Network. Meanwhile I did my research about privacy currencies and decided to become a member of the ZenCash team. We got more and more serious and thought about how to combine the strengths from both sides. That’s how we ended up in a general cooperation.

…who is the ZenCash team and what is their product?

ZenCash was founded by Robert (Linkedin), Rolf and Jane, all of which follows and practice an overall mission of privacy. The crypto currency ZEN includes the zk-SNARK from ZCash (ZEC) and adds governmental improvement processes similar to those practiced by PIVX. Furthermore, it has a blockchain backend with secure nodes, which allows a more stable, stand alone, decentralized network. As far as I have come to know the team, we are very diligently working to enable ZEN to be more than only a trading  coin; that means  that practical use cases, engagement in socially-supported projects and creating public awareness in blockchain technology are all big drives 20 for us. Several completed community proposals can be found in our forum.   

…why is the cooperation good and do we fit together?

The SOCX token and DApp functionalities are trying to remove regional borders, meaning even people from Turkey, China or other heavily regulated countries  will be ableto use a social media platform. The possible anonymity of ZEN is a bit contrary to a public social media platform, but since ZEN is not only focusing on private wallets and private transactions, it follows more  of a decentralized mindset, free will and providing  every human with equal possibilities., the reward-based like system inside the SocialX platform allows the private exchange of tokens (gained reward for community best-fitting content) to ZEN and then FIAT. ZEN’s cooperation would result in a way to provide  anonymous payment for content creators.

…what is the current project where we work together?

Right now, SocialX is finishing work on the alpha platform and preparing the upcoming ICO with SOCX Token. During this ICO, ZenCash wants to support the funding process as an additional payment possibility. This will provide privacy, since  each wallet investor will be able to create as many public and private addresses as they want for sending, separation andor collecting ZEN. On top of that, they can use zk-SNARK (fully anonymous) messaging service to have a kind of account management system. Major work is involved in getting automatism for the ZEN/SOCX rate, distribution to ETH addresses and some routine checks. These are challenging processes, but step-by-step we work together and make good progress. Please note that all ZEN investors have to pass our KYC process, as well as be whitelisted to invest in the upcoming SocialX ICO.